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What is Monetization?

Monetization is a word that is constantly being thrown around by content creators and you've heard it all over social media. Some people don't know the word Monetization directly, but there are people who know roughly that they get money from the Internet. Here we will share what Monetization is from Fixinfo.

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What is Monetization?

Any content Monetization is simply defined as the activity that generates profit based on a certain issue. Actions that generate cash benefits or new assets based on any causal event; The method is called Monetization Method.

Earning from the Internet, All things like accepting ads are called Monetization. Monetization methods depending on the content you create and the purpose.The strategies cannot be different.

Social Media Monetization

You must have read and heard about people who are earning income by creating content on platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Tiktok. As content creators, we create interesting content through social networks and receive advertisements. Selling goods, It means all the things like getting a commission from selling stuff.

Commercial Monetization

Commercial Monetization is a way for companies to generate revenue through commercial methods. For example, when watching YouTube videos, free users will see ads, and premium members will be able to watch the videos they want to watch without ads. In Spotify, when listening to audio, if you are a free user, you can't skip ads, but only if you are a paid member, you can listen to audio without ads. So, I think you have a rough understanding of Commercial Monetization.

There are still Monetizations that are not mentioned above. For example, accepting large billboards in your building can be called Monetization. So, the simplest thing to know is that Monetization is the process of increasing cash benefits or new assets based on a causal issue. See the example below.

If you are good at writing, Or I like to create video content, You can create an income stream from the Internet based on your interest and knowledge, such as singing. As you yourself know this, That's probably why you're reading this post right now.

There are 2 ways to monetize as an Individual Content Creator.

  • Content Writing
  • Video/Audio Content Creation

1. Create your own website and accept advertisements on the website. You can sell things.

2. Video/Audio Content that many people know. It's a monetization method that gets the most interest, and it's easier to spread your video on social networks. You can earn money by accepting ads on your own video content. The most well-known platforms for monetizing video content by inserting ads are Facebook and YouTube.

It goes without saying that one of the Monetization Method that is removed in this post is about NFT Creation. I'm afraid it would take a long time to say this. I won't talk about Blockchains in this post because you can understand them for sure.

As a video content creator, you can get advertising fees from Facebook In-Stream Ads, and you can also get advertising fees from YouTube's Partner Program. Things you need to know to generate advertising fees from Facebook and YouTube. Fixinfo will also present the essential requirements.

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