Quantum physicists discovered that people have an immortal soul - FIX info

Quantum physicists discovered that people have an immortal soul

Every day, hundreds of people talk about the possibility of life after death. Due to the lack of evidence to support or disprove any hypothesis, this is a very open-ended subject that really lacks any real answers. Or do we?

According to the brilliant British scientist Sir Roger Penrose and University of Arizona professor Stuart Hameroff, awareness is merely the quantum equivalent of all of our soul's knowledge.

Together, the two researchers demonstrated that this quantum information was carried by a particular factor known as "protein-based microtubules."

They argue that the fact that we are unable to verify or disprove anything in the first place is due to the fact that all of this information and more is held at a subatomic level, which we were unable to locate and investigate until relatively recently, when technological advancements resulted in significant shifts.

The knowledge a person has accumulated is released into the world upon their death. After that, the microtubule that we talked about earlier carries this information back into the body and into the consciousness of the organism. Are you aware that these are "close-death encounters," in which you witness the passing of a life? Another common theory is that when we have a near-death experience, we get a glimpse of the world where we died, but the knowledge is so overwhelming that it makes us afraid and unable to move.

This is the shock we experience when we are too close to death. We are practically invincible, according to science, if this hypothesis is correct; We should therefore write about it at home.