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Development of a domestic robot in European

Development of a domestic robot that follows the farmer and moves the harvest… Half the price of European products

The Agriculture, Forestry and Food Technology Planning and Evaluation Institute (Agricultural Ki-pyung) announced on the 13th that it has developed a ‘farmer-following type transport robot’ through the first-generation smart farm technology development project.

Transporting the harvest is arduous because it is usually hot and humid on facility farms. The follower-type transfer robot, based on autonomous driving technology, moves crops and work by-products to the loading dock, allowing farmers to focus on harvesting.

Agricultural Ki-pyeong selected ‘Hada’ as the research institute in charge of this project and supported 500 million won in research expenses.

The robot, which came out after a year of development, was evaluated better than the Dutch product, which has the world’s best performance such as operator recognition rate and operator tracking success rate. At the same time, the product price (15 million won per unit) is half that of its European competitors.

Agricultural Ki-pyung plans to expand the supply of robots by holding a pilot project for new technologies next year in cooperation with local governments.

“Agricultural automation and digital transformation are urgently needed to increase the income of our farmers and produce high-quality agricultural products,” said Oh Byeong-seok, president of Agricultural Ki-pyeong.

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