Google's latest Pixel 7 series - FIX info

Google's latest Pixel 7 series

Google has officially launched the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. Starting with the new chip, the Pixel 7 series uses Google's own Tensor chip, the second generation Tensor G2, so the performance is sure to be better than the previous year's phones.

But Google doesn't seem to care about that. Only care about its AI functionality, which will be improved by the new chip. For example, editing photos with AI. Material You Theming, which will change colors and designs automatically. Converting what was said orally into a letter in real time, It makes live auto translate faster.

Although the design is similar to last year's Pixel 6, the camera bar and side panels are made of aluminum metal. In terms of color, the Pixel 7 series is quite eye-catching.

Pixel 7's camera bar and side panels are gold-colored in the lemongrass green model. The Snow white model has silver, The obsidian black model uses lead color, so it looks pretty good. It seems that Google wants to focus on its camera. In 7 pro, even more beautiful green, Hazel color mixed with brown and gold, There are three colors, Snow and Obsidian.

This new design camera bar and side frame are colored to match the color of the phone, so even if you hold the Pixel 6 and 7 side by side, the Pixel 6 looks outdated.

Pixel 7's screen size is 6.3" smaller than last year's Pixel 6 6.4". It is a site that is convenient to use with one hand. It's OLED Full HD and the bezel is thinner. The Pixel 7 pro is a 6.7" QHD+ with slightly curved sides. The Pixel 7 has a 90 Hz display, while the 7 pro has a 120 Hz display.

The Pixel 7 starts at $599 with 8 RAM, 128 GB of storage and 256 GB, and a 4355 mAh battery. The $899 7 pro can get 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. The battery is 5000 mAh. The Pixel 7 series is quite worth it. It is about $200 to $300 cheaper than the iPhone 14 and Galaxy S22 Ultra. Google seems to want to compete with Apple and Samsung in the phone market.

As for the camera, there is a new function in the software. Pixel 7 has two main lens and ultra wide lens. If you zoom in 2x on the pixel 7, the 50 megapixel camera will be cut to 12.5 mp according to the software, so it can be as clear as a real 2x lens.

If you zoom using the software, you can zoom up to a maximum of 8x. Pixel 7 pro has an additional 48 mp telephoto lens, so you can zoom up to 5x naturally, and with the help of software, you can zoom up to 30x. The selfie camera has been changed from 8 Mp to 10 Mp.

Cinematic blur has a feature that blurs the background in videos. Next, the Face unblur feature that will clear the blurred image with the help of ai is also included.

It is also said that Google camera's most proud feature called Real tone, which produces images of human skin and colors as seen outside, will be even better with Tensor G2. The Pixel 7 pro also comes with a macro mode for shooting very small objects.

As for Face unlock and under display fingerprint, you won't be able to find out if you use it yourself. It is also known that the "Google One VPN" service can be used for free on the Pixel 7.

So, the $599 Google Pixel 7 series is an affordable phone for those who like a good camera, a great design, and a unique software experience.