What are still need to check before Launching website - FIX info

What are still need to check before Launching website

Even if a website has perfect design, layout, and content, it is still only half way to a perfect website. Before launching your website, here are the basics that you still need to check.

1. Contents

Is the spelling correct? Are there bullets in list style text? Is the company contact info ( address, phone no, email, etc ) correct? You have to check whether the title has a favicon.

2. Form

The Contact Form is a bridge to communicate with the user. Can the user's information be received through the form? You have to check if there is an error. If the submission is successful, it is best if you add a Thank You page.

3. Broken Link

Navigation links, button links, You have to check if the social media link links to the right place. If your website has a few pages, there is no problem, but if there are many pages, it may be left. The easiest way to solve such a problem is to use online check. You can check this link https://www.brokenlinkcheck.com/.

4. Responsive

Is your website compatible with various screens such as desktop, laptop, table and mobile? Are pictures and letters missing? Is there proportionality? You have to check if it is outside the scroll. You can check it on websites like https://responsive.io/.

5. Browser Compatibility

There are different browsers, and the versions are also different, so if you use animation effects, you have to check whether it is compatible with each browser. If you use an effect in CSS3, you have to write one line for each browser. You can check this link http://browsershots.org/.

6. 404 page

Already have a custom 404 page? If the user misspells the url link or Page Not Found! You have to check if there is a page that will be displayed.

7. Speed

There are many websites that check the loading time. Css and Js should be minified. If the installed images are larger than the required size, they should be replaced with a smaller size. If there are unnecessary url links in the header, you should also remove them.

8. Backup

Most of the developers use git control, so this is not a problem, but for some users, having a backup is a must.

The above points are the basic requirements. Depending on the type of your website, there are many other things you need.