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How to Embed YouTube Videos In Blogger Posts

How to Embed YouTube Videos In Blogger Posts

One of the best and most popular websites for sharing videos is YouTube. It makes it simple and free for us to upload videos. We stated in our blog that we needed to include video in the post due to the fact that sometimes words cannot convey the same meaning as a video. As a result, I will demonstrate how to embed a YouTube video in a blogger post in this article.

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You will need to create a YouTube account using your Gmail account email ID in order to embed a YouTube video in your blogger posts. You won't be able to upload videos to YouTube if you don't create an account. In any case, you can implant YouTube recordings which are transferred by another person on YouTube. Whether you want to embed your own videos or videos that someone else has uploaded is entirely up to you.

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Let's jump right into the tutorial for embedding a YouTube video in a Blogger post.

First, select the YouTube video you want to embed in your blogger post. After selecting the video, look for the title of the video in YouTube. There are a few options there, including: About, Share, and Add to. Select the tab labeled "Share." You will now see a few additional choices, such as: Share this video, Install, Email. Click on "Embed" Then install code will be shown that you can use for implanting that video to your blogger post.

Right after the code's text area box, there is a setting for the video's size. The default size is 560 x 315, but you can change it to fit your needs. The aforementioned code will be automatically updated once the size is changed.

Copy the entire code from the text area when you are ready to use it.

Now, open the post where you want to embed the video in Blogger. Change the post editor to HTML mode, paste the embed code, and then view the post preview. Click "Publish" when you're satisfied, and you're done.

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Do let me know, if you have any questions or query about this tutorial by commenting below.